Finca in Jorox (Alozaina) for Sale


The finca consists of a 119msq rustic 2/3 bedroomed house, parts of which date back over 100 years, sitting on 8000msq of land, part irrigation land, part dry land with Fig, Carob, Orange, Lemon, Almond and Avocado trees . Jorox is situated (10 minutes) equidistant between the towns of Yunquera and Alozaina and some 50 minutes from Malaga airport.

Price reduced to 80,000 euros. No offers.


The house is built of stone, adobe and has a straw bale extension with a ‘green’ roof.

Power comes from solar panels backed up with a generator though mains electricity is available (pylons already there just needs the cable)

Water comes straight out of the mountain side and is piped to all the houses in the hamlet, this is free water, the people of Jorox maintain it themselves. There is a ‘town  water’ reservoir building and every property is connected to it but to my knowledge no one uses it.


Drainage is by private septic tank but town drainage is in place. To connect consists of paying 180 euros to register and cutting through a pipe that is already in place.

Bills – no electric, no water, rubbish collection 13 euros a quarter, IBI 125 euros a year.





Bedroom 1  (bed is on the mezzanine area)



DSC01789 Door opens to a private courtyard area where we always intended to put a Japanese style soaking bath but never got round to it. Fireplace does work but is not needed as the central wood stove (below) heats the whole house adequately. (uses 1 wheelbarrow full of logs a week, cost – 10 euros a week.)


Bedroom 2


Our ‘doing stuff’ room or could be Bedroom 3




The land


“Location location location”    Jorox is a small hamlet that offers quiet country living without isolation. The Valley of Jorox is a fertile valley (grape vines grow like weeds!) fed by the spring which apparently has never stopped flowing.

There is public access to a waterfall and rock pool –



Remains of Neanderthal man have been found in the caves of Jorox, the irrigation canals date back to the Moors. Four water mills still exist though three are now just houses and one is now the Yoga centre  .

Despite the Spanish penchant for hunting, wildlife abounds, we have seen a pair of mongoose eating figs that had fallen to the ground, a whole family of Ibex, mum dad and baby, foxes, hares, lizards and recently an Eagle flew 20 feet above our heads with a snake in it’s claws.

At the top of Jorox is a rustic cafe (a venta). Where as the word ‘luxury’ would apply to property in Marbella, the word ‘rustic’ applies to Jorox, and this ‘rustic’ ideal is protected by the local population who in the main come from Alozaina to spend the weekends or to tend their trees and vegetables. All the roads in Jorox past the Yoga centre are private roads so there is no through traffic, just people visiting their fincas.

Jorox is a valley that has been inhabited since the stone age, a unique place to live but if there would one word to describe Jorox in today’s concrete environment it is Green, all year round.

Oh by the way, apart from restaurants, petrol garage, hardware store and builder’s merchant and just about anything else  there is Dia supermarket 10 minutes away in Alozaina!

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